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ZCLOUD TECH offering Cloud based services & unlimited web site hosting as well as many more information sites for different sectors. ZCLOUD TECH seeks to provide specific web site development and administration services to clients as needed, when needed and also provides unparalleled services in Information Technology to support small and mid-sized business. I also offer Cloud Technology services (Website Hosting, Cloud Hosting, IaaS, SaaS)-- withing my range of experience and it is just currently at a proof-of-concept stage running on my Local Server, but my ultimate goal is to move it to public cloud like as IaaS, SaaS. ZCLOU TECH managing all aspects of IT infrastructure design and support, managed services, resolve IT issues, to compliancce, privacy and security, to IT operations in the Cloud, and on-premise, implementation, administration and support process to ensure the availability, operability and stability of data assets.

I would be more happy to be a ZCLOUD TECH member with us. For more information pleaase Contact Us


Zahid Ahamed

System Enterprise Architect